Monday, March 5, 2012

Honeymoon Destinations: Hong Kong

hubby and I in the avenue of stars.

It was our first out of the country as a couple and it was a great cultural experience.  We left Hong Kong with awe of its advancements in transportation and having the eagerness to come back any time soon.  

We are thankful that we found a good deal from Sans Travel and Tours.  At that time they offered the travel package for $99 and it was on a buy-one-take-one promo.

It is also a blessing that this travel pushed through because my body felt the fatigue of the wedding preparations and I was sick up until the very last hours of our departure.

On our arrival I can't help to be amazed at their airport.  Hong Kong airport is extremely large!  From its look you may say that this is the most advance airport in the world.  Well apparently it is the most advance!  It is said that it is 100%  free from luggage lost and it boasts of its capability to withstand the toughest typhoons.  No wonder, a lot of people love this airport!

(Left) Me riding a train inside Hong Kong airport. (Right) Hubby looking amazed at the airport
and left our luggage unattended.

Upon arriving at Panda Hotel we were both hungry and can't wait to grab a bite.  We went to hubby's favorite fast food restaurant, KFC.   I can still remember how Hubby was so hungry as if he can devour one bucket of fried chicken!  To our disappointment, we found out that they do not serve gravy in their chicken and that they only have ketchup and mustard.  Despite of it, I had so much fun seeing hubby's disappointment.   I was teasing him while we were having  our lunch and we both had fun enjoying the difference of KFC in Hongkong.

(Top) Me with my one piece chicken meal and hotshots. (Bottom)  Hubby with his one box of  hotshots
instead of a one bucket of fried chicken. =)

Our first day was our free day,we didn't have to go with our travel group.  Hubby and I decided to go around and explore the city on our own.  We used the MTR trains to go around the city. We were guided by the free maps given at the airport and the tourist guide that comes free with the MTR tourist ticket.  It was then that we realize that HongKong is transport friendly especially to first-time tourists like us. Traffic and destination signs had translations in English.   The MTR logo is all over the city, we called it "The Sign" because of its frequent appearance, enabling one to easily find his way.

(Top) Me pointing at "The Sign". (Bottom)  Directions with English translation.

Our first stop in our free day was the Ladies' Market.  It is found at Tung Choi street, Mong Kok. Upon walking its streets I felt its similarity to our Divisoria.   The place is filled with a lot of people and merchants.   In here you can buy a wide range of items, from shirts, dresses, and bags to souvenir items to oil paintings.  It was really a haven for shopping ladies and you can get a good bargain if you know how to haggle with the merchants.   Communicating is not that difficult even if some of the merchants hardly speak English.   The merchant's calculator serves as the medium for the language barrier.   They press the price they want and you press back the price you request.   Hubby and I had fun experiencing the bargaining with the store owners and the number of items you can buy.

The Tung Choi street at Mong Kok.

After our escapade at the Ladies' Market, we went to one of Hong Kong's seafood district, Lei Yue Mun.  Hubby have mistakenly thought this seafood district as the Lamma Island, where they sell fresh and cheap seafood.  Lei Yue Mun is found at the Kowloon south of Hong Kong and it is said that it came into prominence in the 1960's, where diner's buy their seafood at the market and ask the restaurants to cook it for them, similar to our "Dampa".  

This time we had a hard time communicating, we didn't know if the fishermen are selling the seafood at a good price.  Good thing we've met a Filipina named Alice.   She is working for the Sea King Garden Restaurant and she helped us buy our food for dinner.

(Top) A big arc that indicates Lee Yue Mun. (Middle) The sign of the Sea King Garden
Restaurant. (Bottom) The Lee Yue Mun seafood district at night.

Day 2 and 3 of our stay was travelling with our group.  We went to a lot places including the avenue of stars, floating restaurant , Victoria peak, Disneyland, Shenzhen, JCL jewelry and some silk and jade jewelry shops.

(Top) Me doing a growling pose at Shenzhen, China. (Bottom) Hubby introducing the beautiful skyscraper site at Victoria Peak.

Among of these places, Disneyland is my favorite.   It is place full of happiness, fun rides and a bunch of hidden mickeys that can easily be seen!  The Golden Mickey Show, Interactive Stitch and The Small World ride were my top favorites.

(Top) Hubby's feet at the brick road of Disneyland. (Middle) Tinkerbell in her carriage.
(Bottom)  The adorable Stitch! 

Disneyland closes at 8:00 PM and will capped its closing with "Disney in the Stars", a showcase of a very beautiful fireworks and lights display.

(Top) With the star of the place, Mickey Mouse. (Middle) I found one of the
hidden mickeys. (Bottom) The Golden Mickey Show.

Overall, Hong Kong can be one of the best and money-worthy outside of the country honeymoon destination for Filipino newly weds.  The diverse and beautiful culture of the Chinese are well mixed in the advancement of its metropolitan.  We can't wait to get a chance to be back in Hong Kong and I am sure that you too will fell in love with this place.

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